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Watch Sevinc perform with Kirsty Frances at the Azerbaijani & Turkish Friendship Concert.

"Sevinc is a world class artist, la creme de la creme. She passionately shares her extensive knowledge on dance from Azerbaijan. She's a generous teacher who genuinely loves to spread her native dance with dancers from all cultures. An exquisite dancer with sublime technique and poise, she will light a fire in dancers bellies and make them fall in love with this exquisite dance. Perth dancers are in for a special treat!"

Jrisi Jusakos, Hathor Dance Theatre

“Sevinc is a master teacher and performer of Azerbaijani national dance. Sevinc expects 100% from her students because she gives 100% as a teacher, expecting not just technical commitment to class, but also performance and emotional commitment. Learning with Sevinc is a real honour and privilege for anyone interested in dance of the Middle-East and Caucasus. She has had a lasting impact on my dance performance, knowledge and instruction.”

Kirsty Frances, Canberra.


Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing tradition of Azerbaijan dance.
This style has a strong emphasis on upper body carriage, hand and arm movements, accompanied by quick footwork. You will pick up tips and technique easily transferable to the art of bellydance, while the upper-body  movements will suit tribal style dancers. Lovers of Persian dance will also find this style complementary.

Morning 11am-1pm

Azerbaijan technique

Sevinc will break down and drill the key movements of the style,

discuss background and costuming. 

Afternoon 2pm -4pm


Learn a traditional choreography suitable for soloists or troupes.

About Sevinc

Sevinc’s dance career has been filled with accolades. As a soloist for the State Dance Ensemble in Baku she travelled all over the world for eight years. She later joined the State Song and Dance Ensemble of Azerbaijan, a large company with live musicians, singers and dancers. She featured as a soloist until she migrated to Australia late in 2015.

A prestigious title, ‘Honoured Artist of Azerbaijan’ (Emaktar Artist) was bestowed upon her. She was also awarded a Presidential Medal.

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